Russia to develop bank machine with built-in lie detector

You might laugh but it’s true. The Russians are going to revolutionize the banking technology by That sound cool and beneficial as a high number of frauds involve the credit or debit cards. The new service is developed by Speech Technology Center, a corporation comprising Federal Security Service, or the former KGB (or FSB). The bank machines seem to be fitted with polygraphs (something similar to what the police uses); however instead of measuring the well known indices like pulse, blood pressure or skin conductivity, the state-of-the-art ATM lie detectors are based on voice analysis therefore the respiration is a key factor here. Which kind of questions will you be likely asked? Well, t will be something like: Do you have a job? or Do you have other loans? The banking machines will get into service for Sberbank – Russia’s biggest bank – but they will be owned by country’s Central Bank. The ATM will be placed on market first in Russia and East-Europe.

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