Elena Udrea shows off her knickers in Brasov for the third time.Photo:vdtonline.ro

Romanian Minister of Development and Tourism delighted the media again. Even if she is not a teen anymore, Elena Udrea still rocks the minds of males with her outfits. Usually Mrs. Udrea sticks to the public memory as the sexy-politician from high social positions. It is well known that the advantages are given to be used, therefore (ooops) she did it again in Brasov during a “personal underwear exhibition”.

Being the only woman at the presiding table for signing the financing contract of the future Brasov Philharmonic, the blonde politician revealed intimate parts of her body to the audience. By coincidence she was sitting exactly on the most “exposed” part of the table making the present officials benefit of a “belvedere” due to a missing front (covering) panel. And the inevitable occurred: Elena Udrea showed off not only legs but also her knickers.

Well, because a politician always makes sacrifices and the electoral campaign is approaching, it would be hard to believe that the Minister of Development and Tourism was too upset of this situation; especially because this was not the first time, but the third. Everyone remember moments when she displayed her intimacy at a PDL National Convention gathering.

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