Kala Patthar's webcam shows magnificent Everest Mountain. Credit: descopera.ro

(see live video images of Everest below) German company Mobotix has set a new record, placing a webcam in the Himalayas to film the highest peak on Earth – Mount Everest. The webcam is located on Mount Kala Patthar, at an altitude of 5643 meters, and transmits HD images of Mount Everest, which rises to 8848 meters.

Kala Patthar’s video camera becomes thus world’s highest altitude webcam, exceeding the record set so far by Argentina’s Aconcagua camera located at 4389 meters altitude.

The highest altitude webcam is powered by solar energy and is designed to withstand the harsh conditions featured by Kala Patthar, where temperatures can reach values​of -30 degrees Celsius.

The video device works between 6 am and 6 pm local time and the images are updating every 5 minutes. The sequences captured by the webcam will be used along with data provided by the Everest weather station in a project studying the climate change.

Live images Mount Everest filmed by Kala Patthar webcam

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