Oct 152011

Alex "Voodoo" Torres and Hope Howell deployed in skydiving sex over Taft, Ca.

Extreme xxx action at “high-level”! Part-time skydiving instructor and 3X star Alex Torres along with receptionist Hope Howell were the protagonists of incendiary scenes.

Apparently the couple started making love inside the airplane and then continued their hot scene during the free-fall. A genuine adrenaline-fueled action! The incident took place in the sky of Kern County, California.

Dave Chrouch, the owner of the skydiving Taft company decided to dismiss the part-time porn instructor Alex Torres and now he is thinking whether to fire also the company’s receptionist, Hope Howell, who said was Torres’ partner in the exciting footage.

The award-winning pornographic french-canadian actor (born Alexandre Boisvert) was allegedly trying to capture the attention of Howard Stern. Probably he absolutely got all possible attention as “Alex Torres” became a “Hot Searched-Term” on Alexa.com as of Friday.

YouTube removed the viral video, but a CNN news report shows censored images of the airborne sexual stunt.

And that’s not all!!! Moreover, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration opened an investigation to determine if the aircraft pilot was distracted in any way during the incident.

It would be a violation of federal regulations! How are they gonna check that? Just asking the pilot if felt offended while flying?

Video: Love-making during skydiving over California’s Kern County shocks FAA

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