Leaks were detected in at least six underground storage tanks of nuclear waste in Hanford, Washington State. Authorities have requested additional federal aid for cleaning the place, according to AFP.

At least 6 tanks are leaking nuclear waste at storage facility in Hanford, USA (

Governor of Washington state in northwestern U.S., Jay Inslee said the extent of leaking from Hanford storage facility which was used in the past to produce atomic bombs, is “worrying”.

“There is no immediate risk to health concerning the leaks we just found. The tanks are located at a distance of five miles (about eight kilometers) from Columbia River,” said Inslee, after a meeting with U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu on Friday in Washington.

“However, the news is worrying for all state residents,” he added.

Governor pointed out that Steven Chu informed him last week of possible leak on a tank. But Chu admitted that his department had not analyzed properly the information which could have revealed additional leaks.
“This raises serious questions about the 149 tanks containing mud and radioactive liquid in Hanford,” added Jay Inslee.

“I think we need new procedures for emptying old vats and I am pleased that the Department of Energy already examines new ways to accelerate the process,” he added.

Hanford nuclear plant is located about 300 kilometers southeast of Seattle. Originally it was used to produce plutonium for the manufacture of two nuclear bombs dropped on Japan in 1945, which ended the Second World War.

Subsequently, the production of the nuclear facility grew during the Cold War, but the last reactor was closed in 1987. “The production of nuclear weapons left solid and liquid waste that pose a risk to the local environment”, particularly the Columbia River, it reads on Hanford site.

Federal and state authorities have made an agreement in 1989 to clean the facility and the 177 tanks that are part of it.

French group Areva, associated in the facility management since 2008, has revealed a little different statistics talking about 170 cells containing approximately 200,000 cubic meters of chemical and radioactive waste.

Governor Inslee asked federal authorities to act quickly to ensure that some budget cuts do not affect the measures taken to clean the system.

Department of Energy (DoE) confirmed, in turn, leaks to six nuke waste reservoirs.
“There is no immediate health risk. Energy Department cooperates with Washington and other partners to solve issues related to these thanks,” said Lindsey Geisler, a spokeswoman for the department, without specifying the exact nature of the substances leaking from the containers.

A Solar spot as large as six times Earth size, could cause powerful solar flares this week, NASA warns.

Two sunspots, part of the same structure six times greater than Earth, were detected by SDO (NASA)

The giant structure was observed by NASA’s SDO (Solar Dynamics Observatory) on February 20. SDO is one of the space probes which constantly monitors the Sun.

“It grew so much that now has the size of six planets, similar to Earth. We do not have accurate estimation on the real dimension because it is spherical and not flat like a disc,” said NASA spokesman, Karen Fox, from Goddard Space Flight Center.

Sunspots occur when intense magnetic activity on the Sun blocks energy diffusion to the surface, therefore these spots are cooler than the surrounding area. Because of the lower temperature they appear darker than the rest of the star.

Intense magnetic activity around sunspots can cause solar explosions, releasing huge amounts of energy. The blasts threw clouds of atomic particles into space, generating microwave radiation and radio waves that can cause electrical interference on Earth.

Sun is currently passing through the active phase of its 11-year cycle and is due to reach the activity peak this year.

A driver saw himself on the brink of a tragedy as he miraculously escaped after a train was almost colliding with his truck (scroll down for video).

An amateur cameraman has captured incredible images in the United States where a train went millimeters past a truck that came to tow another vehicle involved in an accident.

The guy was filming a car accident in which a police car was apparently involved. The incident took place near a railway and the truck that had arrived to pick up one of the damaged cars was on the verge of being swept away by a passing train.

Video: Train nearly crashing into truck at railway cross

About 100 people were evacuated Friday from a building at Texas A&M University in Houston, following a bomb threat, authorities said. This was the second bomb incident a university received in recent days.

Evacuation of College Station in Houston, Texas after bomb threat incident

School officials were notified of the threat on the College Station campus arund 9.25 local time. A “Code Maroon” alert was issued and Clayton Williams Alumni Center was evacuated, according to a report on The Houston Chronicle website. “Code Maroon” is the emergency notification system used by universities to contact students, teachers and the community.

Students evacuated from Clayton Williams Alumni Center were able to return to the classes around 11:00 am, after the area were declared safe.

Kyle Field university area and adjacent buildings had been evacuated on Wednesday after the finding of a threatening message scribbled on a wall. It turned out to be a false alarm also in that case.

The event organizing business owned by parents of Duchess Catherine, wife of Prince William, is among companies that sell products made in Mexico where workers are paid only 10 pence per hour, according to an article published by the British Daily Mail.

Party Pieces, the event planning business owned by Kate Middleton's parents, is slammed for alleged exploitation of workers in Mexico

Middleton family’s company, Party Pieces, is a business worth 30 million pounds, which is headquartered in Berkshire, UK, dealing with events, parties and weddings.

After calls from Daily Mail reporters, company representatives say they will soon investigate working conditions of the people who provide, among other things, decor material for parties.

Article authors claim they made a trip to Tijuana, a Mexican border town, famous among other things for drug trafficking. Reporters headed to a very poor neighborhood of Tijuana where they talked with members of several families dealing with decorative materials for parties and weddings, which are subsequently sold on the online store owned by Middleton family.

One woman says that in order to fulfill her assignments, she asks for help from her children. Furthermore she works ten hours a day, seven days a week, sometimes being paid only 10 pence per hour, while the Decorative objects she makes are sold with 12.99 pounds each.

Another woman said she gets 95 pence for each decorative object. She revealed that she chose this occupation because of not being able to find easily work. “However, if I complain, they will find someone else to replace me,” she added.

The authors explained that in Mexico, people who have this type of jobs can not claim the minimum wage per economy, i.e at least 49 pence per hour. Moreover, part of their earnings are spent on materials.
Before her marriage to Prince William, second in line to the British throne, Kate Middleton worked at her parents’ company, the sales department, having a job which, in some companies, involves meetings with suppliers and verification of working conditions at the factories, say the authors of the article, adding that they are confident that the Duchess and her parents were not aware of the harsh conditions begind the products they trade.

Party Pieces, was founded by Kate’s mother, Carole Middleton in 1981, when she was 26 year old, and has currently 30 employees – including Kate’s sister Pippa, who manades the online magazine The Party Times – that became very popular on the UK market.

Many companies use the cheap services of factories located in poor areas of Asia and America.

Gourmands would most probably give almost $300 to taste the most expensive sandwich in the world.

Prepared at the café Tangberry in Gloucestershire, UK, the sandwich Bling with Bacon contains 7 slices of bacon fried in a rare breed pork, bits of truffle, saffron, “country” egg and a magical ingredient, food gold dust.

Such top chef meal cost 237 pounds. So far, all the money claimed from sales went to Association of Labor and SKRUM, a British charity that helps children in Swaziland to learn a sport (rugby).

World's most expensive sandwich is produced in Great Britain, costs more than 200 dollars and is covered with kinda gold eatable powder (

Sharks left a sea turtle without her front legs, but researchers gave her a new pair (scroll down for video)!

Turtle Yu tested prosthetic legs at Kobe Aquarium in Japan

Five years ago, a group of fishermen found Yu Chan – a female turtle – off Japan Coast.

25-year-old Yu had apparently lost her both front flippers most likely due to a shark attack.

Researchers at Tokyo University wanted to help the sea animal by developing a new pair of flippers. From 2009 until today the turtle has tested several pairs and recently she tried the pair number 27. On this occasion Yu Chan made a demonstration at her home at Suma Park Aqualife Aquarium in Kobe – Japan.

The 27th prosthetic plastic fins were attached to Yu’s shell, so that the animal can make the same movements being able to use the same muscles she used before the attack.

Video: Turtle Yu Chan swims using artificial prosthetic flippers

Feb 232013

The U.S. Army has suspended test flights of the new fighter jet F-35, because of potential engine problems. The measure is a step backward for the program which has been affected so far by additional costs and many technical incidents, informs AFP.

F-35 test flights cancelled after crack in engine blade popped up. (

The suspension is a “precautionary measure” taken after discovery of a crack in the turbine blade of an aircraft F-35 engine at Edwards base in California (West), according to spokeswoman Kyra Hawn.

“It is too early to figure out the impact of this discovery on the fleet as a whole, but as a precaution, all operations including the F-35 military jets are being suspended until we know exactly what caused this rift” it was said in a statement.

The U.S. Army currently has 51 units of F-35 aircraft.

By the end of this decade, the Pentagon wants F-35 to replace current fighter jets belonging to the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy and U.S. Marines.

United States Army intends at producing 2,443 aircraft for own use and several hundreds for international partners that have invested in this project. Furthermore F35 would be delivered also to two key clients, namely Japan and Israel.

States involved in this program are increasingly worried about cost overruns and production delays.

This is apparently the cutest frog in the world as it gathered over 3.5 million views on YouTube in just a few days.

A frog in South Africa has been causing a lot of stir on the internet in the past days. A clip featuring the small amphibian showed over three million hits in just ten days.

The video was captured on the dunes near Port Nolloth in South Africa. When feeling threatened, the frog produces extremely loud sounds and inflates its body to intimidate predators.

Video: World’s prettiest desert rain frog seen in South Africa

3 people died after a shooting incident and a freak car crash emerged right in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip on Thursday. Now cops are struggling to figure out what or who ignited the deadly event.

A Maserati was wrecked, a taxi burned-out and 4 other cars were involved in the crash.

“First time in Vegas, and then, like, the whole thing, what you know from movies only — I was shocked,” German tourist Christine Gerstenberger said. She and her siblings wanted to get back to the hotel “because I’m totally terrified,” but “We are too curious,” she added.

Among the dead, there was also rapper Kenneth Cherry Jr., otherwise known as Kenny Clutch. He was from Oakland, California, and resident in Las Vegas. Read more on the story here.

Video: Shooting and car crash on Las Vegas Strip kills 3

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