Enrique Iglesis claims to have plenty of sex tapes with Anna Kournikova.Photo:Northfoto/ Xposure

Enrique Iglesias does anything to stand out, even shocking statements. After he confessed that he has a small penis, and later to retract the revealing, now the singer admitted that he and his girlfriend, Anna Kournikova video taped themselves while being intimate. And they record their fantesies whenever a chance comes up.

In an interview with Spanish magazine, the singer admitted he has a video-camera in the bedroom and when he feels in the mood or in certain conditions, pushes the REC button.

“All couples, if the partners trust each other, should have a camcorder in the bedroom. It is nice to go back to a moment from the beginning of your lives and to see it. It’s like a memory becoming reality,” said the star.

Asked if he will become another celebrity with a tape leaked on the internet, the Enrique added: “To be honest, these records can never be 100% safe. So keep them in a secured place. We have so many tapes, that should rent another safe. ”

Is Enrique’s idea safe enough or soon we will watch some sex tapes across the web some disclosing spicy images featuring the intimate life of Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kurnikova?



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