Bianca Dragusanu and Ilinca Vandici, the ladies who share Ciprian Marica

Footballer Ciprian Marica lied to Bianca that has been single for two months and at the same time he continues relationship with Ilinca Vandici.

Stuttgart striker has a quite complete life. At the moment, Marica is split between two women, both famous – Ilinca Vandici, official girlfriend, and Bianca Dragusanu, the woman with whom he spent several hot days in a Turkish five-star hotel. Marica “conquered” the second lady after telling her that he has been single since May, but he forgot to announce Ilinca about an…eventual break up.

For several weeks, Ilinca Vandici and Bianca Dragusanu have something in common: Ciprian Marica. Although he betrays both of them, the footballer knows how to get away clean. It seems that he prepared a nice scenario for each of his girlfriends. When fell in love with Bianca, Marica took care to ensure her (verbally of course) that he is no longer involved with Ilinca. Moreover, he confirmed they have been separated since May 2011. In consequence Bianca was convinced to join Mr. Marica during a trip to Turkey where the twosome enjoyed for a few days hot moments in a luxury hotel. However the sportsman omitted one thing: to inform Ilinca they are no longer together for over two months. That happened because he never had the intention either to announce her or to leave her. In these circumstances, Ciprian and Ilinca continued their happy relationship, and Bianca have absolutely no idea. According to some sources close to Ilinca, she speaks almost daily on the phone with Marica. The couple make promises to each other and exchange sweet words like two young lovers, a proof that the football can teach him how to deal with the women.



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